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pMOTION® Complete Specifications

Parameters Specifications
Technical Specifications 2022type
AC power
(Test Motor)
Capacity 20kW/20kVA
Voltage 200Vrms(rated)
Current 58Arms(rated)
Frequency 0〜1kHz
Power Input Operating Voltage Range AC180〜220V
Maximum Power 20kVA(3phase)
PWM Switching Frequency 3k〜20kHz
Dead Time ≧3.5μsec
Gain Specification Waveform Controller Sinusoidal PWM
Modulation space vector modulation
Gain Mode Current Gain, Speed/Torque Gain
nvironment Condition Temperature & Humidity range for operation 0〜40℃、20〜80% and below
Altitude 1000m and below
Cooling Method Forced Cooling
Water Proof Condition None
External Dimensions Inverter Rack 1120mm(W)×1846mm(H)×1000mm(D)
Motor Bench 1500mm(W)×845mm(H)×800mm(D)
Weight Inverter Rack 450kg and below
Motor Bench 950kg and below

Measured Parameters
Induced Voltage Constant [mV/rpm] Motor Efficiency [%]
Location Sensor Offset [deg] Motor Loss [W]
UVW phase winding resistance [mΩ] Motor machine damage [W]
V phase winding resistance [mΩ] Motor copper loss [W]
W phase winding resistance [mΩ] Motor iron loss [W]
dq axis inductance [μH] Inverter DC current [A]
Phase Current [Arms] Inverter DC Voltage [V]
Line Voltage [Vrms] Inverter Input Power [W]
Revolutions [rpm] Inverter Output Power [W]
Torque [Nm] Inverter Efficiency [%]
Phase Angle [deg] Inverter Loss [W]
Career Frequency [Hz] Total Efficiency [%]
Motor Input Power [W] Overall Loss [W]
Motor Output Power [W] Motor Temperature
Analysis Parameters
N-T Characteristics Motor Efficiency Map
I-T Characteristics Total Efficiency Map
Current Effective Value Map D Axis Current Map
Angle Map Q Axis Current Map

■Size ■Derating Curve

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