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Large capacity multi inverter

pMOTION® Driver

Rotation of any motor in a short time

With just 1 multi inverter, multiple inverters are unnecessary!

pMOTION Driver is designed as a commercial available inverter to drive non-specified model motors and has the ability to drive different motor (IPMSM/IM), hence it is not necessary to purchase multiple inverters. It corresponds to the drive system and various position sensors; hence it also makes a good option in release test.

A wide range of measurements can be obtained with the combination with motor bench and inverter

The combination of motor bench and inverter improves the utilization of the system. On top of that, adding in our optional specialized software, the user can obtain immobility measurements and data analysis, just like pMOTION-Complete.

Useful interface

Operation of different company motor bench and different experimental systems with our inverter is possible.


To EU customers:
Myway Plus is in the process of obtaining CE Marking for our products and they are not available
for EU applications today. For further enquiry, please send an enquiry form to us.

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