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Large capacity multi inverter

pMOTION® Driver Specifications

Parameters Specifications
Technical Specifications 20044type 2022type
AC Power Capacity 200kW/343kVA 20kW/20kVA
Voltage 440Vrms(rated) 200Vrms(rated)
Current 450Arms(rated) 58Arms(rated)
Frequency 0Hz ~ 1kHz 0Hz ~ 1kHz
Direct Input Power Operating Voltage Range DC10 〜 750V DC50 〜 400V
Gain Input Power Operating Voltage Range AC180 〜 220V DC80 〜 120V
Maximum Capacity 2kVA(single phase) 1kVA(single phase)
PWM Switching Frequency 3k〜20kHz 3k〜20kHz
Dead Time 3.5μsec and above 3.5μsec and above
Gain Specifications Waveform Controller Sinusoidal PWM
Gain Form Space vector modulation
Gain Mode Current Gain, Speed/Torque Gain
Environment Condition Temperature & Humidity range for operation 0〜40℃、20%〜80%
Altitude 1000mand below
Cooling Method Forced Cooling
Water Proof Condition None
External Dimensions 880mm(W)×1600mm(H)×680mm(D) 850mm(W)×860mm(H)×520mm(D)
Weight about 400kg about 250kg

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■Derating Curve

Derating Curve


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