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Digital Control Board


A controller board with all
functions for embedded system

PE-PRO series is a control board manufactured with TI high speed floating point DSP TMS320F28335, commonly used in built-in systems.

  • A single control board with all functions (AD converter, serial converter, CAN communication, PWM signal generation and etc) makes it a suitable material for education institutions to study motor performance
  • Check pins available on the board for users to connect to oscilloscope for real time waveform display
  • Fit with OS(PEOS) which allows for optimal processing and calculation in Power Electronics control
  • Simple and easy to install in existing inverters


  • Communication: CAN 2ch
  • PWM Optical Output: 3 Phase PWM 6x2 pairs
  • Digital Input: 14ch
  • Digital Output: 16ch
  • AD Input: 16ch
  • Others: Encoder (ABZ) Input 2ch

Example (DC Brushless Motor Vector Control)

Product Name:PE-PRO

Product name PE-PRO
Processor TMS320F28335
Processor Type Floating Point
Internal Clock Frequency 150MHz
On-Chip RAM 34k × 16bit
Flash Memory 512k × 8bit
Serial EEPROM 64k × 8bit
3 Phase PWM Signal Generation 6 output × 2 ports
Generic PWM signal generation 1 Output × 2 ports
(sharing output terminal with insulated digital output)
Insulated Digital Input 14
Non-Insulated Digital Input 2
Insulated Digital Output 12
Non-Insulated Digital Output 2
LED Output 2
ABZ Counter 2ch (32bit)
(sharing input terminal with insulated digital input)
A/D Converter 12bit/16ch/80nsec ±5V (simultaneous sampling 2ch)
Interval Timer 3ch (32bit)
Serial Communication Port
(Start/Stop Synchronization)
RS232C : 1ch+ (1ch)
Others Equipped with CAN Interface
C Compiler TMDSCCS2000

The development of PE-PRO programs are made in conjunction with the Integrated Development Environment PE-View


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