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Digital Control System with user
friendly C programing bench

Digital platform dedicated for advanced Power Electronics application, including scalable architecture on latest digital technology, supporting over 100 gate control and sensor inputs, coming with visualized software development bench for easy C programing.

Quick start for advanced Power Electronics System with full visibility

Digital Control System with user friendly C programing bench PE-Expert4

Basic system:MWPE4-RACK12, MWPE4-C6657,

Building DSP/FPGA platform for your own control algorithm
within a day!

Power electronics consists of variety of elements such as electric circuit with power device, digital control, microprocessor, embedded software and so on. When researchers or engineers bring up a bench for advanced system, such as motor drive with advanced control algorithm or MMC (Multi Module Converter) with many gate controls, normally they face three challenges, 1) time and cost 2) visibility and controllability, and 3) scalability and robustness. Introducing Myway Plus Corporation PE-Expert4 series, the universal digital platform solution, brings perfect solution for those challenges.

1) Time and CostPlatform consists of inverter, controller, control software C l ibrary, runtime debugger and monitor, and integrated Power analyzer. Time and budget can be saved by utilizing this "all-in-one" package as universal platform. At the same time, super user friendly interface will save users' time through its operation and maintenance.

2) Visibility and ControllabilityNovel and/or complexed system may require many points of measurement such as various sensor inputs, control program variables and calculated values (power analysis). All these values can be observed by real time viewer, PE-ViewX and PE-Meter without interfering operation. Besides user can read and write any global variable in your control C program in run time.

3) Scalability and RobustnessUser can program their own FPGA design in the system in addition to DSP C source code. The system has great scalability supporting over 100 gate control and ADC (Analog to Digital Conversion) interface. For safety and robustness, dead time gate block and various interlock functions are prepared in hardware and software. This architecture is based on 20 over years experience in the industry.

PE-Expert4, the digital control system

Hardware feature

  • TI TMS320C6657 1.25GHz dual core DSP enables vector control in less than 5μs
  • Variety of interface board option (see board list page)
  • Optical interface brings strong insulation for safety
  • Easy connection with any type of inverter and safety mechanism

Software feature

  • "Easy C programing" supported by PEOS, the basic C library for power electronics
  • Program isolation between user program and debug program by dual core DSP
  • Monitor and edit any global variables in control software for run time debug
  • Integrated Power Analyzer for both sensor input and internal variables in SW

200kHz carrier vector control

TI 1.25GHz dual core DSP (TMS320C6657) enables high speed vector control. Normal vector control including PWM command value output can be performed within less than 5μs.

Runtime parameter editing (Carrier Frequency)

Without interfering control program operation, any parameter can be modified safely. In the following example, carrier frequency is modified during operation.

PE-Expert4 System overview

System hardware and software architecture

As seen in the diagram, PE-Expert4 system provides universal hardware and software platform, in which both control and measurement are integrated. Even though there are no experts of C programing or FPGA design in your team, this flexible and scalable architecture can be built very quickly. This "ready-to -use" platform enables you to learn and start advance power electronics system with high end digital technology.


To EU customers:
Myway Plus is in the process of obtaining CE Marking for our products and they are not available
for EU applications today. For further enquiry, please send an enquiry form to us.

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