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Regenerative Power Supply


Just like batteries!
Series/Parallel connection POSSIBLE!

Output Capacity: 10kW
●80V (Max 250A)
●500V (Max 35A)

pCUBE is a specially designed Regenerative Power Supply for testing Li-ion battery packs or modules

pCUBE has a high switching speed of 3msec in CC mode (in case of MWBFP3-1008-C02), making it an ideal equipment for battery pack testing. They can be connected freely in series or parallel corresponding to the capacity of battery pack.

Special Characteristics

Easy Connection in Series and Parallel

In the case of same model, pCUBE can be connected easily in series and parallel. MWBFP3-1008-C02, high current type model of 80V/±250A/10kW, can be expanded to 480V/±1000A/240kW. MWBFP3-1250-C02, high voltage type model of 500V/±35A/11.5kW, can be expanded to 1000V/±280A.

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High Regenerative Efficiency of 86%

pCUBE regenerative efficiency of 86% (MWBFP3-1008-C02) reduces heat generation drastically, boasting outstanding economical efficiency in battery pack testing. (Efficiency of MWBFP3-1250-C02 is 80%) Neither an electric load for dissipating heat loss is necessary, nor energy loss be dissipated into heat. Hence, pCUBE is an excellent equipment in battery cycling test.

Realization of Compact, Isolated Bidirectional Converter Technology

pCUBE uses PWM rectified, isolated and bidirectional converter technology. Realization of a compact 10kW power supply and electronic load with a high switching frequency in diode rectifier circuit, inside a 19-inch rack.

Main Applications

  • Battery Evaluation Power Supply
  • Battery Emulator Power Supply (combination with MWBFP3-BTS)
  • PV Emulator Power Supply (combination with MWBFP3-PVS)
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