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Application Use

PV Emulator

Suitable for Verification and Analysis in Smart Grid and Power Conditioner Circuit

Upon LAN connection of regenerative power supply pCUBE and PC installed with PV Simulator software, pCUBE can be operated as a simulated solar cell panel. The characteristics of solar panel, real time IV characteristics, operating point, solar radiation and temperature can be monitored. Hence analysis and evaluation are possible in Smart Grid and Power Conditioner. One of the special characteristic of pCUBE is the ability to connect both series and parallel, making it a suitable choice for series/parallel solar panels.
Application Use

Special Characteristics

Automatic PV Simulation with only 4 Parameters!

PV characteristic is a function of solar radiation and temperature changes. Users simply need to input 4 parameters, minimum and maximum temperature, minimum and maximum solar radiation, to set up IV characteristics. The remaining operation is automatic.

Complicated PV characteristics, Temperature, Solar Radiation available in CSV format

IV data can be saved into CSV file. CSV file containing information on PV characteristics, temperature and solar radiation is easily imported and PV simulation is carried out.

Real Time Data Monitor of Operating Condition

Real time monitoring of current, voltage, power, IV and PV graph upon connection with PC.

Operation of pCUBE with Download Data

PV characteristics can be downloaded into pCUBE. After download, pCUBE can be operated as a stand alone simulated PV.


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