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Application Use

Battery Emulator

Suitable for Verification and Analysis in Electrical Storage System and Electric Vehicles Circuit

Upon LAN connection of bidirectional power supply pCUBE and PC installed with battery emulator software, pCUBE can be operated as a simulated battery. The characteristics of a battery, real time IV characteristics, operating point and charging rate (SOC) can be monitored. Hence analysis and evaluation are possible in electrical storage system and electric vehicle circuit. One of the special characteristic of pCUBE is the ability to connect in both series and parallel, making it a suitable choice for large storage battery simulation.
Application Use

Special Characteristics

Easy Compilation of Simulated Battery Characteristics

The exclusive IV map editor will record IV curves from each SOC. By setting SOC 0% and 100% and battery maximum capacity (Ah), the software does automatic simulation of IV characteristics.

Graphical Display of pCUBE Voltage, Current, Power and Charge Rate

Trend graphs display output voltage, current, power, charge rate of simulated pCUBE wrt time. The graph on the right displays the latest information and transition states of each battery data.

Real Time Data Monitor: a Powerful Analyzing Tool

Real time monitoring of IV characteristics, operating point (voltage, current) and charge rate makes the software a powerful analysis tool in development of electrical storage system.

Operation of pCUBE with IV data

IV characteristics can be downloaded into pCUBE. After download, pCUBE can be operated as a stand alone simulated battery.

Recommended System Requirements

Item Specifications
CPU Intel Core Duo 2GHz and above
Memory 2GB and above
HDD 40GB and above
Interface LAN port 1ch
USB port 1ch
OS Windows XP / 7(32bit)
Resolution 1024x768 pixels and above

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