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Battery Charge & Discharge System


Series or Parallel extension to accelerate the evolution of battery!

Output Capacity: 10kW
●80V (Max 250A)
●500V (Max 35A)

Battery Charge and Discharge System of Myway Plus has all the components required for battery testing; high efficiency bidirectional DC power supply pCUBE , data logger and easy operation software. Immediately after purchase, users can perform a full-fledged battery pack evaluation test at ease.

pCUBE, the power electronics technology which we have accumulated till today.It adopts Master-Slave method with proprietary high speed communication technologies, and can be expanded in both series and parallel connection. pCUBE responds quickly to changes of battery pack capacity to be evaluated. Supporting a smooth and efficient development, pCUBE will accelerate the evolution of the battery pack.

Special Characteristics

Availability of ALL Necessary Equipment

Battery charge and discharge system consists of bidirectional power supply (pCUBE), data logger, controller for charge and discharge, PC for operation and application for measurement in one rack. Data logger has 16ch for voltage and 32ch for thermocouple as a standard. Battery pack testing can be executed immediately after purchasing this system.

Easy Creation of Test Program on GUI

In the test program, the test pattern is created easily by drag and drop of 15 basic command icons on EDIT window. Various parameters and commands are set on the parameter window. Without training, users can create and modify test program easily.

Simple Formation of Continuous Program by Grouping Function

One program has 4-step-structure as program > pattern > step > command. By combining repeated patterns and steps into a group, users can easily create complex test for repetition.

Real Time Monitor of Status and Temperature of Battery Cells

Measured cell voltages or temperatures through thermocouple are recorded by data logger. Charging and discharging command that corresponds to the cell voltage are also prepared in basic commands. Users can execute the program while measuring each temperature of the battery and checking monitor.


Automatic Termination during Anomalies

A termination condition can be set before executing the test program. When abnormal voltage or temperature is detected, the program will be automatically terminated.

Easy Management of Test Result CSV Files

The test result data are saved as CSV files. Without actual evaluation test, users are still able to access to test result data.

To EU customers:
Myway Plus is in the process of obtaining CE Marking for our products and they are not available
for EU applications today. For further enquiry, please send an enquiry form to us.

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