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Regenerative Power Supply

pCUBE Specifications

Parameters Specifications
Model MWBFP3-1008-C02 MWBFP3-1250-C02
Rated Output Voltage -1〜80V -2〜500V
Current ±250A ±35A
Power ±10kW ±11.5kW
Output Accuracy Voltage ±0.1% of F.S.
Current ±0.2% of F.S.
Power ±0.3% of F.S.
Ripple Voltage ±0.1%rms of 80V ±0.1%rms of 500V
Current ±0.2%rms of 250A ±0.2%rms of 35A
Response Speed Voltage below 10msec (1%->99%)
Current below 3msec (-99%->99%)
Regenerative Efficiency 86% 80%
Rated Power 12.5kVA 14.5kVA
Source Voltage AC380V±10% (3 phase 4 wire system)*1
Power Factor over 0.98
External Communication I/F LAN、CAN
Temperature & Humidity Range for Operation 0〜40℃、20〜80%
Size 430mm(W)× 440mm(H)× 750mm(D)
Weight about 135kg

*1 Japan Specifications:AC200V±10% (3 phase 3 wire system)
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■Operation Range(1 unit)


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