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Setting of motor parameters

The automatic measurements from the motor parameters are effective in the validity assessment of motor design

The acquisitions of motor parameters are performed automatically. By just setting the basic information, (for example pole number, maximum current or voltage) motor parameters (resistance values, induced current, inductance current characteristic (Id/Iq-Ld/Lq)) will be collected automatically. In order to confirm motor efficiency, Id/Iq will be set at an appropriate value to generate the torque map. Even at experimental level, the validity of the necessary design will be assessed efficiently.


Data acquisition through data sweep can be mapped into graphs for users` applications

pMotion collects data automatically through sweep operation. Once data is collected, the user can make use of the data and generate graphs for his or her own application. Vertical and horizontal axis can be set easily, for example creating a graph by setting efficiency and losses in the vertical axis, current and phase angle in horizontal axis and fixing carrier frequency. The trend and characteristic of the motor can be seen.


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