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Industry and Consumer Electronics Solutions

Being familiar with the importance of inverter control in high efficiency consumer electronics, Myway Plus have numerous experiences in application developments such as washing machines, air conditioners and electric bicycles. We are also good at low cost and compact product design.

Industry and Consumer Electronics Solutions


We promise to provide important element technology in equipment and system development in many industrial and consumer electronics. We contribute to the environment through energy saving technology by increasing energy efficiency and reducing electricity consumption.

For example

Power electronic load

  • Development of AC electronic load
  • Development of AC regenerative electronic load.
    A high capacity 20kW inverter will be ideal for the load.


  • Development of Flywheel UPS
  • It is an uninterruptible power supply using a flywheel.
    It is also an environmental friendly technology as compared to lead battery.

  • Development of Digital UPS
  • Development of UPS of full digital control by microcomputer.
    Judgment of power failure and switching can be realized through microcomputer.

Induction heating

  • Development of 150kW induction heating inverter
  • Development of 150kW induction heating inverter.
    The single phase inverter makes frequency and amplitude control of sinusoidal current.

Energy saving devices

  • Development of digital precision electronics
  • Development of precision electronics with a digital controller.
    Design of product is solely based on simulation.

Air con

  • Development of SR Motor Driver
  • Design of SR motor driver circuit.
    Speed control is realized through PWM control.

  • Development of sensorless one-shunt
  • Development of air con inverter.
    Motor control method without using a position sensor. Current will be detected in shunt resistance of DC side.

  • Development of compressor test equipment
  • Development of compressor test equipment for home-used air conditioning.
    The single inverter that contains many different compressors is highly efficient in driving inspection.


  • Development of refrigerator inverter module
  • Development of refrigerator inverter module.
    Sensorless drive realized in air conditioning control.

To EU customers:
Myway Plus is in the process of obtaining CE Marking for our products and they are not available
for EU applications today. For further enquiry, please send an enquiry form to us.

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