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Electric Vehicles Solutions

Myway Plus, based on motor and battery control technology in the flow of motorized vehicle, has worked with customers on various developments. In future development of advanced technology, Myway Plus will also contribute to the popularization of electric vehicles.

Electric Vehicles Solutions


We promise to deliver important technology to automobile-related equipment and system development. The faster the development time, the better for your company.

For example

Motor Evaluation Equipment

  • Development of PM Motor Evaluation Equipment
  • valuation system for evaluating loss due to motor material or shape.
    The system is equipped with a multi motor inverter and driven by operating various motor conditions.

  • Development of EPS motor durability test equipment
  • Development of motor durability test equipment.
    By changing the parameters, the user can drive different motors with 1 unit.

Reactor Evaluation Equipment

  • Development of reactor evaluation equipment
  • Actual operating condition of a chopper reactor can be evaluated.
    Carrier frequency, average current and operating parameters can be set in PC.

Electric bike

  • Development of DCDC converter in electric bike
  • Development of DCDC converter in showroom electric bike.
    Compact and large capacity has been realized.

  • Development of driver for electric bike
  • Development of electric bike.
    A 2.2kW inverter module is assembled into an electric bike.


  • Development of Railway DCDC converter
  • DCDC converter for railway vehicle accessories.
    A prototype circuit for high pressure down chopper was developed.

  • Development of pantograph power supply
  • Development of pantograph power supply.
    As a storage element, even if the pantograph is kept a distance from the trolley line, a stable voltage supply can be provided.


  • Development of SR motor sensorless driver
  • Development of SR motor driver.
    SR motor control has been realized with sensorless operation.

  • Development of electric compressor motor drive
  • Development of air conditioning inverter modules for electric vehicles.
    PM Motor sensorless operation has been realized.

  • Development of electric turbo motor drive
  • Development of electric turbo inverter.
    High revolution and fast response have been realized.

To EU customers:
Myway Plus is in the process of obtaining CE Marking for our products and they are not available
for EU applications today. For further enquiry, please send an enquiry form to us.

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