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Smart Grid Solutions

Myway Plus is a pioneer of Smart Grid. We had carried out verification tests on off grid power system since early days. Armed with power conversion techniques including power regeneration and energy management technology, we will continue to challenge the solutions of energy problems.

Smart Grid Solutions


In order to fulfill Smart Grid, various system techniques are important; the key elements are the converter and storage battery. We promise to provide a range of core technical equipment and system development.

For example

Smart House

  • Development of suppression control equipment with 10kW power output
  • Development of field testing off grid power system.
    Peak shift operation in solar battery power generation and electrical storage system (ESS) control.

  • Development of double electric layer capacitor for grid-connected inverter
  • Development of double electric layer capacitor for power conditioner.
    Conversion of solar power is absorbed by the double electric layer capacitor.

  • Development of compact electrical stage system (ESS) voltage drop assurance function
  • Development of evaluation system for off grid power source.
    Equipped with the ability to sustain voltage drop and emergency backup electrical source.

Solar Power

  • Development of power conditioner trial
  • Development of a 3kW home electrical power home conditioner.
    Transformerless grid-connected control is realized.

  • Development of Li-ion battery 4kWPCS
  • Development of Li-ion power conditioner.
    Conversion of solar power is absorbed by the Li-ion battery.

Wind-generated power

  • Development of wind-generated power conditioner
  • Development of wind-generated power conditioner.
    MPPT control is realized by this converter circuit.

Off-grid power supply

  • Development of compact scale off-grid power supply
  • Realization of off-grid power supply for solar cell, windmill and flywheel (for electrical storage).
    Each unit is able to achieve the optimal control of power generation without communication line.

Power Stabilization

  • Development of Active Filter Verification Equipment
  • Development of active filters which compensate the harmonic system.
    A variety of compensation mode has been implemented in the test.

  • Development of secondary exciting arrangement
  • Development of secondary exciting arrangement is one of the control method of wind power.
    The secondary winding of inverter controls the wind turbine rotational speed and generator power inverter.

Fast Charger

  • Development of EV faster charger
  • Development of EV fast charger controller board.
    High current controller is realized by digital control.

To EU customers:
Myway Plus is in the process of obtaining CE Marking for our products and they are not available
for EU applications today. For further enquiry, please send an enquiry form to us.

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