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Regenerative AC electronic load

Regenerative AC electronic load

This is space-saving AC load device where power can be reused.

This is an equipment to handle AC (inverter, UPS) load test. With comparisons to a load device which contains passive components such as resistance and reactor, the installation space is significantly reduced.


  • Setting of simulated power factor of LCR load. Go-and-Delay function during Constant Current (CC) mode.
  • Equipped with a wide range of load mode such as constant current (CC) mode, constant resistance (CR) mode, constant active power (CP) mode, constant reactive power (CQ) mode and 5 modes of arbitrary waveform generation mode.
  • Through an application software (sold separately) on a communication function standard, pattern operation is possible. The computer will be able to read the various parameter settings and status.

system image


  • A smaller and lighter equipment which can be connected in parallel to increase capacity
  • Besides her small capacity, the circulation of regenerated electric power is possible in smaller test facilities (power plants and buildings)
  • Reduction of electricity cost by effectively using low cost power


  • As an inverter current test load for industrial servo driver and current test load for an electric vehicle inverter
  • As a load for power module current test, for example as a R, L, C load for power module current test. The user doesn't need to worry about the heat generation from load during high power current test
  • Motor generator evaluation and test load. As a motor generator evaluation and test load. For example, evaluatin and current test for PM motor used in windmill generators and electric vehicles
  • As a simulated load of power conditioner. The equipment can be used as a simulated load to be connected to the power conditioner solar power. Reactive power is absorbed and hence not necessary to switch to the load

Reference specifications

Item Specifications
Capacity 20kVA/20kW
Compatible Input Voltage 3Φ 15Vpeak 〜 342Vpeak
Power Supply System Voltage 3Φ AC180Vrms 〜 AC220Vrms
Corresponding Fundamental Frequency 10Hz 〜 500Hz(Derating necessary for 100Hz and above)
Corresponding switching Frequency 5kHz 〜 40kHz(Derating necessary for 20Hz and above)
Efficiency 85% and above
Cooling System Forced Cooling

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