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Inverter Evaluation Equipment

Inverter Evaluation Equipment

Inverter evaluation device is a device for testing the dynamic characteristics of an inverter.


The test equipment of the inverter performance evaluation can also simulate the switching operation similar to that of the actual operating conditions. It is possible to input PWN command value into test body and correspond to the evaluation of various switching elements such as IPM, IGBT and inverter main circuit. Even for large capacity, it can be used for overload test.

system image


  • The user can change load condition and control parameters (phase, frequency, etc)
  • The user can control program description in a variety of driving pattern test PE-Expert3
  • Valid for control development of inverter
  • Large current in a small compact regenerative converter system
  • Energy saving + space saving

Available setting

  • Output voltage
  • Output frequency
  • Electrical phase angle
  • Switching frequency
  • Dead time

※ only when user make a PWM input command for configurable items
※ specification is an example.
It is possible to design a system to fit user's requests (specifications, test guideline).

Reference specifications

Item Specifications Reference
Equipment Input Capacity ±100kW/100kVA Inverter → load
Input Voltage 〜700V  
Maximum Current 140Arms/3Φ time 200Apk
84Arms/5Φ time 120Apk
Output Frequency 0Hz 〜 1,500Hz If the output frequency is high, the current will not be a sine curve
Switching Frequency 20kHz  
Dead Time 4.0usec  

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