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Solar battery/Battery/
Load Simulator

Optimal control technology demonstration project for the next generation transmission and distribution system.
Research item "Optimal control technology demonstration project in next generation transmission and distribution system in 2010"

The next generation advanced grid experiment simulator is designed for research and development of electric energy and stable supply of renewable energy sources. With this theme, we offered "a device to simulate solar battery and household used load".


In accordance to the command value which the user enters into the host controller, then grid-connected inverter controls the output power (active power P and reactive power Q)

Solar battery/Battery/Load Simulator


  • The inverter operates as a simulator by entering a command value pattern into solar battery, battery and load.
  • Without placing the actual product under test, the energy management and stabilization control of the experimental system can be tested.
  • Space-saving and cost-saving can be realized with the freedom of regenerative power operation.

Reference specifications

Item Specifications Reference
Output Equipment power 2.0kVA/2.0kW  
Phase number・Connection Single phase AC200 (single phase AC100、3 phases AC200V response)  
Frequency 50/60Hz Automatic frequency discrimination
AC current distortion Total ≦5%
Individual ≦3%
・rated time
・voltage sine wave
Rated voltage AC200Vrms  
Rated current AC10Arms ※ please send us an enquiry form for other specifications
Input Phase number・Connection 3phase・3wire system  
Frequency 50/60Hz Automatic frequency discrimination
Rated voltage AC200Vrms  
Maximum current AC7.2Arms  
Power factor 0.97 and above ・rated
・voltage sine wave
Equipment efficiency 80% and above  
Carrier frequency 15kHz  

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