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Business Areas

Supports Power Electronics products and technology development

We have been constantly working towards a convenient lifestyle but in return, there is a higher energy consumption leading to environmental problems.

Power Electronics is a study of efficient energy management technology to protect the Earth. By making use of eco-friendly energy and new energy sources, these problems can be reduced through Power Electronics technology.

There are many benefits of Power Electronics technology. In recent years, new solutions are available such as solar and wind energy electrical system, electric vehicles and hybrid car technology, motor and storage system evaluation system and etc.

Myway Plus has core focus on Power Electronics technology development for the past 20 years, and will continue to be at the edge of the technology, expand our business and contribute to our home, Earth.


Transition of our business domain

Core Technology


Power Electronics is also known as power conversion technology, which comprises a complex of analog technology, digital technology and control technology. This technology has been receiving much attention in the recent years for environmental problems and has been focused as an important technology on a national frontier. (Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, Technology Strategy map)

Myway Plus has core focus on Power Electronics technology development. Till date, Myway Plus has a record of up to 1500 customized cases for universities and industries. Our base skills and technology lies in system recommendation, power electronics circuit design and control design.

The combination of IT and our core focus will push us to a higher frontier of technology and bringing out multiple new products. Look out for Myway Plus [Power Electronics X IT] new solutions!

MATIL : Myway Advanced Technology Information Library

We implemented HeDCT at universities and research institutions. Through users' feedback, we formed intellectual library, MATIL (Myway Advanced Technology Information Library). With the technical knowledge, the next phase of development will progress with development tools and standard models.


Power electronic technology, motor control technology, development tools, industry practice and several joint researches, the technology acquired are placed into our company library. On top of that, an annual technical forum is set up, contributing to the technical society and building connections.
The knowledge, experiences and connections benefit the company library and projects. We consigned development and product development with MATiL.


  • There are 4 stages of device review from order to delivery. The project lead utilizes different expertise and technical knowledge to provide the highest quality (Pursue of Quality)
  • In the development and design stage, microcomputer development tool and OS library are involved. As a result, the development stage is shortened, and the date of delivery is earlier (Pursue of Speed)
  • Building good relationships with outsourcing companies. Managing the company by recognizing the strength of each company eases the delivery schedule.
  • Through the processes, customers' requests will be dealt flexibly.
  • After inputting MATiL into completed projects, the new knowledge acquired from the projects will be placed into the library again.

To EU customers:
Myway Plus is in the process of obtaining CE Marking for our products and they are not available
for EU applications today. For further enquiry, please send an enquiry form to us.

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