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Product Information


High Speed Digital Control System


Power Electronics R&D Environment
Real Time Debug and Functions Expandability

What is PE-Expert3

PE-Expert 3 is a High Speed Control System dedicated for research purposes related to motor, inverter or other Power Electronics system development. It is embedded with TI high speed floating point DSP TMS320C6713 with expandability function ability. In combination with Myway Plus' Integrated Development Environment, PE-View9, Real Time Debug and Modification of Variables capabilities speed up your research efforts.

System Configuration

    Basic Recommended Set
  • Exclusive Rack (12 Slots)
  • DSP Board (Uses 2 Slots)
  • PEV Board (Uses 2 Slots)
  • Integrated Development Environment PE-View9 Software
  • Function Library


  • A dedicated controller for Power Electronics with 10 years of Technical Know-Hows
  • Equipped with 2 sets of 3-phase PWM modulation required for System Control. PWM modulation includes triangular carrier comparison modulation, space vector modulation and direct gate control
  • Real Time Debug and Modification Capability


To EU customers:
Myway Plus is in the process of obtaining CE Marking for our products and they are not available
for EU applications today. For further enquiry, please send an enquiry form to us.

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